Financial Declaration

This form should be used if you had any expenses for a committee or another activity for Metis or SIF. Once the form is sent, the treasurer will be in touch with you, as necessary, and transfer the money as soon as possible.

Committee/Group expense was for
Total amount to be reimbursed
IBAN for money to be transferred to
Expense Description

Please explain the expense(s) in this section. If there is more than one receipt, please describe each receipt separately.

Name of the event that the expense was for
Who paid for the expenses (first and last name)?
Who was the the recipient of the expense? If multiple receipts, please list with numerical labelling [e.g. PLUS (1), Jumbo (2), Albert Heijn (3)].
What types of items were purchased? If multiple receipts, please match the numerical label of the previous question [e.g. (1) PLUS Groceries, (2) Jumbo Groceries, (3) Albert Heijn Groceries].

A receipt MUST have: date of purchase, itemized list (with cost per item), total cost of receipt, and where the money went to (Payee). Digital Invoices require proof of purchase (e.g. a bank statement).
Please upload all receipts in one document, and make sure the receipt is clear and legible!

If multiple receipts, please list in order as described in Expense Description.
Not able to combine the receipts into one PDF? Submit your second receipt here!
Not able to combine the receipts into one PDF? Submit your third receipt here!
Do have questions, comments, or concerns regarding your declaration?
I declare that I have filled in this declaration form truthfully and I declare that all the declared expenses were made for the association with the board’s approval.

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