We welcome all new incoming students!

Metis is a completely student-led Study Association for students of the BSc Philosophy, Politics and Philosophy (and History!) program at PPE College, Utrecht University.

We aim to enrich the student life of PPEople by organising social gatherings, academic events, and providing opportunities to explore a diverse range of interests and hobbies. Metis is completely student-led, which means that all the activities of Metis are by PPE students, for PPE students! Sign up by clicking the link below! 

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Our partnerships!

Metis members get to enjoy the perks of our partnerships! Below all our current partnerships can be found and for those, the following deals apply:

Cheap Bikes: 

15% discount on everything

Pizza Beppe: 

25% discount on your total bill or second pizza for free, whichever one is cheaper

Only applies when ordering for dine-in or takeaway.


If you take at least 8 hours, worth of tutoring classes, you get a €20 cashback

If you tutor at least 6 hours you receive an additional €20,00 


10% discount on mobile phone repairs and other purchases


For every purchase made through one of the links on the sponsorkliks website, Metis gets a small commission. So use the site and support Metis with your online shopping addiction!

Juuls Hummus

20% discount on food

Only applies when ordering for dine-in or takeaway.