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What does CareerCo do?

After three years of studying PPE, we finally cannot delay the choice for our specialisation anymore. Having put off the decision until that moment, some help is much needed. Since the career opportunities are so broad for PPE students, there are no graduates yet to show our subliminal competence on the labour market and partnerships with future employers still have to be set up, an enormous amount of work is still to be done.
Therefore, the Career Committee will assist our Co. External Affairs, Madelène, in helping Metis' members with anything career-related. We'll immediately start organising workshops, set up company visits (to be able to physically visit as soon as Corona allows), create partnerships with companies, organisations and governments, promote PPE Utrecht's and Metis' name to universities and employers, and much more. By doing so, we aim to assist Metis' members in choosing their Master's programme, providing valuable internship and career opportunities, and make the best of their professional life after PPE.

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