Current Board (2023-2024)

Board Minoli

Metis Board Minoli (2023-2024)

Board V (2023-2024)

Samuele M Minoli President
Jasmin Otto Secretary
Jacob Landen Mitchell Treasurer
Olivia Thomas Internal Affairs Commissioner
Leonard Collomb External Affairs Commissioner
Sarah Antoinette Hamaker Educational Affairs Commissioner
President | Samuele Minoli

Metis President

Ciao people. I’m Samu and I'm your Metis president this year!

As your president I make sure that everyone feels part of the Metis and PPE community and that students will be able to have an amazing student life. 

In my free time I love writing poems, cooking and thrifting.

I’m a sunny and positive person, and I hope you all feel free to reach out to me for anything you need.

Secretary | Jasmin Otto

Metis Secretary

Helloou, I'm Jasmin and I‘m Board Minoli‘s secretary this year. In this role I'm going to make sure everything is organized and on track, so that we can do the best possible work for you!

When I‘m not at Descartes, I enjoy cooking all kinds of vegetarian and vegan dishes, reading, bouldering, and cuddling with any cat or dog I encounter.

If you ever need anyone to talk to, or want advice on house plants, feel free to reach out to me!

Treasurer | Jacob Mitchell

Metis Treasurer

Hihi, I’m Jacob (or ‘some people’), this year’s treasurer for Metis.

It’s my responsibility to make sure all of Metis’ numbers and budget are in order, and make sure all financial systems are running smoothly. I enjoy spending time with my cat, reading, and pretty spreadsheets.

If you have any questions regarding committee funds, Metis finances, membership fees, or want to show me pictures of your cat, feel free to come find me!

Internal Affairs Commissioner | Olivia Thomas

Metis Internal Affairs Commissioner

Hellur, I am Oli, and I am Metis' internal affairs commissioner! 

I take care of most of the internal communication within PPE, so if you are wondering who spams you regularly, it's me:) Additionally, I oversee committees and internal events within the association. 

Some random facts would be that I love tattoos, own too much dark clothing and apparently drink too much Red Bull (according to ‘some people’).

I am very excited to be working with you, and I am always available for anything, so feel free to reach out to me :)

External Affairs Commissioner | Leonard Collomb

Metis External Affairs Commissioner

Bonjour, I’m Leo and I’m Metis’ external commissioner.

If Metis was a government I would essentially be its foreign affairs minister. But Metis is not a government, and I am not a minister, instead this is what I tell myself to feel important. In reality, my responsibilities are mostly to create links with other study associations and professional partners or, more widely, to expand the horizons of projects we can aspire to as a study association.

About myself: I have a very poor sense of humour but that is compensated by the fact that no one can understand what I’m saying due to my heavy French accent. And that’s pretty much it.

So if anyone wants to organise a joint event, pitch the idea of a new partnership or even just pretend to find my jokes funny, please feel free to reach out!

Educational Affairs Commissioner | Sarah Hamaker

Metis Educational Affairs Commissioner

Heyhey! I’m Sarah and I’ll be Metis' educational affairs commissioner.

I’m super excited to fill in this role, since it means that I can represent you in front of the PPE Board and make sure that all of your ideas are mentioned to them. I am also looking forward to organizing and being present at the academic events.

I am open to talk with anyone and to listen to your propositions and opinions. If you need any help, let me know, my door is always open! And let’s make this year unforgettable!

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