Descartes Committee

DescartesCo Members

Brice Edelstein General member
Elzbieta Janusauskaite Chair
J.H.Z. Jasmine Haifa Zahra General member
Sofie Anne van Knippenberg General member
Leene Timmermann Treasurer

Upcoming DescartesCo Events

No upcoming events

​What does the Descartes do?

The Descartes Committee aspires that PPE's home should reflect the personality and international background of its cohorts. We wish for the cohorts that were and the cohorts that will be to leave their mark. Think of books and films we can swap out, a world map with students' stories. We have organised the decoration for festivities. We have bought board games and sports equipment where people can bond or enrage each other over. Now, we would like to help you realise your vision of what this building should become.

Contact: DescartesCo