Academic Committee

AcademicCo Members

Alice Rijken Chair
Sayema Syeda Mayesha General Member
Marco Ossicini General Member
Dafne Tirelli General Member
Samuel Ezra Höhn Secretary
Antonia Graff General Member
Maksym Mironov Treasurer

Upcoming AcadCo Events

What does the Academic Committee do?

The objective of the Academic Committee is to provide students with educational activities that enhance their academic skills. This is achieved by organizing events such as guest lectures, excursions to speakers elsewhere and visits to political or economic (international) institutions. The committee organizes at least one speaker event per block as part of PPE’s extracurricular Speaker Series. For example, the topic of the last Speaker Series event was ‘Monarchy in the 21st century’, with speakers Annelien de Dijn (Utrecht University), Ellie Woodacre (University of Winchester) and Robert Blackburn (King’s College London). If you join this committee you will help provide transport and accommodation for speakers, moderate the debate between speakers, arrange catering and promote the events, among others.


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