About the senate

Hi! We’re the Senate, consisting of chair & financial controller Pepijn (Metis founder), secretary Linde (ex-secretary of Metis), financial controller Matej (ex-educational affairs commissioner of Metis) & general member Axel (ex-president of study association FUF). We provide the Metis board with advice during the year and perform controlling functions before and during the General Assemblies, such as checking the finances. When the GA is not in session, the Senate is its placeholder. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the senate, don’t hesitate to reach out! You can reach us at


Current Senate

Axel van Dijk External Member
Pepijn van IJperenburg Chair/Financial Controller
Matej Poloucek Financial Controller
Linde Verhofstad Secretary

Senate Chair & Financial Controller 

Pepijn van IJperenburg

Hi everyone,
My name is Pepijn. I’m 25 years old and am currently finishing my master’s in
Management at the Erasmus University. I’ve been involved with Metis since the
beginning, but I will say my farewell this September when I aspire to become a very
responsible citizen and search for a full-time job. In my free time, I like playing field
hockey, exercising (calisthenics), and indulging in political history.


Senate Secretary

Linde Verhofstad

Hi! I’m Linde, the secretary of the Senate. After spending four years at PPE and
Metis, I decided to take place in the Senate to stay in touch and use my experience
to advise the current and future Metis boards. Right now I’m enjoying a gap year and
I am planning to start my master’s in political communication next year. When not
working, studying or doing Senate tasks, I like to read, make music or do whichever
sport I’m infatuated with at that moment.


Senate Financial Controller

Matej Poloucek

I’m Matej, and I’m excited to be part of the Metis Senate crew as one of the Financial
Controllers. With my background as the former Educational Affairs Commissioner of
Metis, I’m here to bring my previous experience to the table while remaining open to
new recommendations from the current boards. Alongside my awesome team, we're
here to offer advice, keep an eye on Metis spending and cash flow, and generally
make sure things run like a well.


Senate Member

Axel van Dijk

Hi, I am Axel. I am a philosophy student at the UU thus am an external member in the
Metis senate. As a non-PPE student it is my job to provide the senate with a fresh
outlook. I also fill the position of financial controler in the senate.

I pride myself with my broad knowledge of the University bureaucracy and the fact I
eat kiwi with skin. As I became a part of Metis I was greeted with enthousiasm and
kind words. Currently I am very happy to be of help to the community.

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