About Metis

Who We Are

Metis is a completely student-led Study Association for students of the BSc Philosophy, Politics and Philosophy (and History!) program at PPE College, Utrecht University.

We aim to enrich the student life of PPEople by organising social gatherings, academic events, and providing opportunities to explore a diverse range of interests and hobbies. Metis is completely student-led, which means that all the activities of Metis are by PPE students, for PPE students! 

How Metis Works

Metis consists of committees, the Board, and the Senate. Committees are formed by students who share a common interest and work together to organise events and contribute to the PPE community – this is where 'the magic happens'. For example, the Debate Committee organises bimonthly debate nights and workshops, the Social Committee organises karaoke nights, borrels, and the annual PPE gala, and the Descartes committee works to make the Descartes Hall livelier and a home for all PPE students. The Metis Board is in charge of the day-to-day coordination and running of Metis, and consists of students who are voted in yearly by all the Metis members in General Assemblies. 

Why Become a Member

By becoming a member of Metis, you can avail various benefits: substantial discounts on study books; entrance to Metis only academic and social events and discounts on tickets for paid events; and an opportunity to join a committee (or form your own!) and contribute to the extra-curricular life at PPE College Utrecht. We also help prepare you for the labour market or your future academic life by hosting career oriented events and providing support in finding internships and other opportunities. Click Here to Become a Member. 

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