Metis Pubquiz Season

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Board 2022-2023
21 Nov - 14 Dec 2022
Descartes Common Room

Hello everybody! We are proud to announce the first Metis Pubquiz Season! 📝🍻🏆

The Metis Pubquiz Season is a 4 week long Pubquiz competition where teams of 1-5 people can compete to solve trivia questions! At the end of the season, whichever team has answered the most questions correct will earn a special prize! 

Can’t make it to all 4 events? No worries! At the end of each week, there will also be a small prize for the winning team of that week’s Pubquiz

🗓️ When: Monday 21 Nov, Tuesday 29 Nov, Wednesday 7 Dec, and Wednesday 14 Dec, all at 17:00!

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