Board Moro


President: Arianna Moro

Ciao bellissimi! Arianna, Ari in short, here! I am your Metis president! I care very much about making sure that you do not just 'live through' your uni life, but that you thrive and make the best possible experience out of it. I am a very committed, curious, and creative person, so I strive to keep Metis welcoming, vibrant, and stimulating for all its members. In my free time, I love to listen to podcasts, complain about shitty coffee, and share thoughts and adventures with people (possible outside) when it's not too cold


Secretary: Isabella Kraemer

Hello there! My name is Isabella and I’m the secretary of Board Moro. As secretary it’s my job to make sure everything runs smoothly and that we cooperate well as a board -  I am always open to input and fresh ideas from all PPE students. I’m also a big-time nerd (not just for politics but also all things Harry Potter), avid reader and occasional amateur cook. Feel free to talk to me about anything that’s on your mind or if you just wanna have a nice chat!


Treasurer: Chris Box

Hi! I’m Chris, a the treasurer of Board Moro. I'm in charge of all the financial stuff, so feel free to come to me if you have any money questions (or just to chat). In my free time, I love to climb, make food, read, take pictures, and watch way more Netflix than healthy. 


Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Andriy Ostryagin

Hi, I'm Andriy, I'm from Ukraine and I am your Internal Affairs Commissioner. It is my responsibility to ensure everything that happens in Metis runs smooth and easy, and I am enjoying working closely with our 15+ diverse and wonderful committees. It is important that all Metis members should feel comfortable reaching out to me if they have any difficulties or concerns. In my free time, I love travelling, sports, and going out with friends.


Commisioner of External Affairs: Niklas Hager

Servus, Moi, Hello! I‘m Niklas, but everyone knows me as Niki. I‘m half Finnish and half Austrian, which makes me a Fish-Schnitzel. I believe I fit the role of External Affairs Commissioner quite nicely, as my essence is to talk, make friends and connect with people. Now, this is where Metis comes into play. I will ensure to make use of my „skill“ and put it to good use by putting Metis more on the map. In doing so I will foster good connections with new student associations, and full-heartedly maintain standing connections.


Commissioner of Educational Affairs: Cesca Robinson

Ciao a tutti, I’m Francesca. Despite my name and intro, I’m not Italian. I grew up in the U.S. and in Ireland ( for the EU tuition fees obviously). I am the Education Affairs commissioner for Board Moro. As EAC, I want to ensure students are heard on educational matters and have the opportunity to participate in shaping their studies.


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